About Magmavent

Magma is liquid earth beneath the surface. It becomes lava as bursts from magma vents create new land, islands, new earth. Magmavent, LLC is an innovative development and incubation firm that brings innovative and disruptive ideas to market. While technology has made millions of things we do in work and life so much easier, it’s equally astounding how manual so many things remain. We’re focused on changing that, one innovative idea at a time.

The Magmavent team is experienced at launching software systems and rapidly growing their market acceptance. Our approach not only builds and refines the software but also creates the business processes necessary for rapid, sustained growth.

William Shakespeare used the phrase “it is what it is” in a sonnet more than 500 years ago. This statement of contrition is a poetic way to accept less or subpar. Magamvent believes it is doesn’t have to be what it is. Sometimes it is just waiting for someone to do it better.

Magmavent can help you take your innovative ideas to market:

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